Chineese Make Drone inaugurated

25 Nov

Chineese Drone inaugurated


Download VMware Workstation 10 Full Version with Serial Key

19 Nov
VMware Workstation 10 Free Download Full Version with Serial Key using Direct Links

VMware Workstation is a virtual machine which is used to run multiple operating system over the same desktop without actually installing them onto the system/PC.

VMware Workstation is desktop software that allows you to run multiple x86‐compatible desktop and server operating systems simultaneously on a single PC, in fully networked, portable virtual machines—with no rebooting or hard drive partitioning required.

Features added in VMware Workstation 10

  • Integrated Virtual Debuggers.
  • VMware Player 2.0.
  • Automation Through Expanded VIX 1.1 API.
  • Record/Replay of Virtual Machine Activity.
  • Running Virtual Machines in the Background.
  • Physical-to-Virtual Conversion and Enhanced Import Functionality.
  • Support for Multiple-Monitor Displays.
  • Increased RAM Support and Ability to Run on Server-Class Systems.
  • Better 3D Graphics.

System Requirements

  • OS Supported: Windows XP, 7, 8, 8.1. 
  • RAM: 256 MB or more.
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Serial Key

Avast Internet Security v9.0.2008 2014 with License Key

19 Nov

Avast Internet Security v9.0.2008 2014 with License Key.Setup Download

Avast Internet Security v9.0.2008 2014 with License Key
Avast! Internet Security is a complete security software tools functional as antivirus, anti-spyware-like (anti-spyware), spam filter (anti-spam) and firewall (firewall) with the powerful Safe Zone to protect the security of Internet users in the world, online and offline users. Thus, the user can easily remove viruses and Trojans, worms, spyware and key loggers with the help of firewall and anti-spam and lack of safety information is safe with hacker’s safe zone functionality in this new version.
Users should not disclose any sensitive information such as bank numbers and passwords to the e-commerce and online payment form to proceed. Thenew version of the firewall ipv6 support easily and quickly identifies and control data phishing.
Avast company rapidly and regularly updates software to find new viruses and new ways to penetrate the highly intelligent and capable attacks. Considering all the features of the software implementation and use of system resources in extremely compact and lightweight, hence will not slow down the system and disrupts the running.
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Nikab Me Girls ke Beauty Alag he hoti hai

28 Oct

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FUll Body MEhndi Design

14 Sep

FUll Body MEhndi Design


Bridal Full Body MEhndi

14 Sep

Bridal Full Body  MEhndi



Bridal Dress Pic

14 Sep

Bridal Dress Pic

Try It How Is Looking



11 Sep


fir Twada ke khyal hai